When can I start my hotel room reservation?

The Long Island Marriott is currently accepting your reservation. The Birzeit Registration Committee encourages our guest to book their room as soon as possible. Click on "Hotel & Travel" to start the process. 

When can I start my convention reservation?

All reservations for the hotel reservation, the convention package and excursions are now available. 

Can I arrive before Wednesday July 4th, 2018?

Yes, make it a trip of your lifetime. The Birzeit Convention Committee has negotiated the convention rate to be offered 3 days before the convention starts and 3 days after it ends. 

Can I help with the convention?

Absolutely, we are looking for volunteers before, during and after the convention. Please reach out to us using the Contact Us form!

When will the program be made available?

The Convention Committee is working very hard to make it available as soon as possible. Please check back this site frequently and like us on social media for more updates. 

FB: @Birzeitconvention2018

I have other questions

We welcome all your questions, please use the Contact Us form and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.